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11 Things to Ask Your Contractor Before Renovations Start!

Home renovations are no small feat, and can put a big dent in your bank account. Considering the huge expense, you want to be sure every dollar is spent wisely throughout the renovations. Knowing exactly what to expect before the project even begins will help prepare you for the project. And to make that happen, […]

Are You Ready To Go From Renter To Homeowner?

All over the country, rent prices are increasing and here in SoCal, we are definitely seeing a large increase. So with that in mind, perhaps you will find that transition from “renter to owner” will be in your best financial interest!   After all, why not put that monthly check towards your own equity rather […]

What You Should Know About Refinancing!

Taking out a mortgage typically means making regular payments until the loan is paid off. But while this may have been the traditional way of looking at mortgages, many homeowners these days are choosing to keep their mortgages by refinancing to take advantage of certain benefits, such as getting a lower interest rate, using the […]