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6 Great Tips on How To Build A Green House!

Instead of heading to the supermarket for your daily dose of veggies and herbs, imagine being able to pluck them right from your own yard? And rather than buying plants and flowers to adorn your landscaping with, why not grow them yourself?  That’s the beauty of a greenhouse – it offers practicality and sustainability all […]

What Drives Up Your Property Values and Ultimately Your Taxes?

Property taxes are tough to figure out. The federal property tax code alone is thousands of pages long, let alone the local codes all over the country.  In a nutshell, property taxes are determined by a home’s assessed value and the property tax rate for that specific town or county. Sounds simple enough, but then […]

Here are 6 Things You Should Know About FHA Loans!

After the financial crisis hit the US back in 2008, FHA loans suddenly became pretty popular among borrowers who found it tough to secure a conventional mortgage. Before that, FHA loans were typically an option reserved mainly for low-income homebuyers. Fast forward eight years later, and FHA loans are still a popular option for homebuyers […]