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Feds Raised Interest Rates, 2nd Time This Year!

The Federal Reserve voted on Wednesday to raise the key interest rate one-quarter percentage point, ticking off the second of three hikes slated for this year. Analysts largely predicted the outcome, even as lagging inflation gave cause for concern. “In view of realized and expected labor market conditions and inflation, the [Federal Open Market] Committee […]

Here are 6 Signs that the Seller is Open for Negotiation!

As a buyer, the more you can get out of a real estate deal, the better and that includes a lower purchase price. Having said that, any information you can gather about the seller regarding the motivations that lie beneath why they’re selling and how open they are to negotiate would be very helpful. In […]

INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Buyer Blunders to Avoid in a Seller’s Market

Are you ready to buy or sell a home, call us so we can help you realize your real estate goals!

Strategies for Writing an Offer on Overpriced Homes

Today’s market it literally insane!   After weeks and months, your dream home finally shows up in your portal and we see it together and realize that this is it….. But then reality hits, the price is at the very high end of what you can afford/what you have set your limits plus it seems […]

Is Your Home Not Selling? Is It Time For A Price Reduction?

Your home has been on the market for a few weeks now with no offers coming in, despite all the showings that have been booked. What could be the problem? Getting feedback from prospective buyers is important in order to gain valuable insight into potential issues with your home that warrant attention. Maybe the problem […]

You Should Know This About Down Payment Gifts!

Coming up with a sizeable down payment these days can be pretty tough, especially when you consider the soaring home prices that buyers have been facing lately. Conventional mortgages require at least 5% down, but a minimum of 20% is needed in order to avoid having to pay the extra costs associated with private mortgage […]

Common Reasons for Why a Pending Sale Does Not Make it To Closing

Whether you’re on the buying or selling end of a real estate transaction, making it all the way to offer acceptance is a huge, rewarding step. Unfortunately, the deal isn’t quite done yet: you still have to make it to final closing. While the majority of deals go though with little or no issues, there […]

What We Do Away from the Office

Historically speaking, all of our blog posts have been strictly real estate related.  In speaking with people who specialize in Social Media, a common thing we hear is the importance of sharing what we do outside of helping our clients realize their real estate goals. So here we go… you get to hear about our […]

Should You Lock In or Float Your Interest Rate?

We have covered Interest Rates in the last two blog posts and when you are a buyer, locking or floating a rate will be of great importance to you. When it comes time for you to shop for a mortgage, you’ll be faced with plenty of options, one of which is whether to “lock” or […]

Interest Rates Are Rising… What Does That Mean To You as a Homeowner or A Buyer?

For the last decade or so, we as homebuyers have been enjoying incredibly low mortgage rates. In fact, the average annual rate on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages has only hit 4% once over the past five years. Low mortgage rates have certainly made it more affordable to buy and have sparked plenty of homeowners to refinance […]

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