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5 JudyLovelace

Rick and Kirsten helped us every step of the way in selling our home. We highly recommend them. They are knowledgeable of today’s market and are well-respected in the business.

5 user4130974

I must say Richard has to be the best real estate agent in the country. His professionalism and work ethic is unmatched. The man eats, breathes, sleeps real estate and he makes you feel like you’re the only person he thinks about. On top of it all his integrity is what really makes him the best. He doesn’t care about the sale or commission. His only priority is to find a home for you that you will love. Whatever your budget, he will find you the best home for your price range.

My wife and I are first time home buyers petrified and totally clueless to the home buying process. I’ve heard stories from friends and family of their agents rushing them to buy as soon as they can no matter the location or condition of the home. Richard is the complete opposite. We looked at over a hundred homes online on his customized portal and probably over 30 homes in person during a span of 6 months. He was extremely patient with us and never made us feel pressure when deciding which home to buy. He taught us so much about real estate that I feel like I can become an agent. There were homes that I liked and was willing to put an offer on but he pointed out something about the roof or the neighborhood or the foundation that was bad so we ended up passing on the house.

We were looking at homes after the housing bottom in early 2013. Houses were selling so quickly a lot of times with multiple bids. So we needed to look at houses right when they were on the market. He was willing to work around our schedule to look at homes. My wife and I both work 5 days a week and sometimes a good home would come up during the weekday. He would show us homes at night time. When we found the home that we absolutely love, Richard was able to secure us the home. The house had 6 other bidders and we were only able to offer 10% down for the home. Richard talked to the seller’s agent all night and I believe he was able to convince the seller’s agent that we were the right buyers for the house.

Richard used a very careful home inspector who pointed out every little detail to make sure our home was in good condition. Richard was there during the escrow process and met with us to sign escrow papers. That isn’t even his job but that’s the type of agent he is, willing to go above and beyond. We wanted renovations done to our house before we moved in and Richard recommended us painters, floor guys and a kitchen contractor for the different jobs. We can’t be more happy with Richard as our agent and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy a home.

5 user96410508

I believe that Mr. Richard Powell is one of the best realtors out there. I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Powell from March 2009 to July 2009, and have had the honor of his friendship to date. When I was interested in buying a house, I spoke with my close friend Michael and he sang praises about his realtor. Impressed with my friend’s recommendation, I called Rick.

The house buying experience was smooth as silk, thanks to Rick. He would meet with me and my fiancée (now wife) whenever we wanted. He met with us as often as we wanted and as long as we wanted. I was impressed that he was able to handle our tight schedules. He gave us a binder with the MLS listings, a map of the houses were we going to see that meeting, and house pro and con list. While looking at houses, he would inspect the house with us. I knew that he was an honest man when he would point out his concerns with certain houses. He was looking out for our benefit and not just trying to make a fast sell. Rick would always welcome questions and would answer them to the best of his knowledge.

When my sister wanted to buy a house, I gave them Rick’s number with my full recommendation. She was having a hard time working with her realtor, so I told her to give Rick a call. After speaking with him, she decided against working with her former realtor, and decided to work with Rick. My sister could not thank me enough for recommending Rick to her.

I would recommend Mr. Richard Powell to anyone with no hesitation. I believe that you will be in good hands when you work with him.

5 rodger24

We were very fortunate to have found Richard when searching for our home. We worked with Richard for well over a year. Like most couples my husband and I did not have the same priorities when it came to a home. Richard was extremely patient with us! Even though it took us a long time to find the perfect place we never felt any pressure from him. In fact there were many times he would actually talk us OUT of a home we liked if he thought it might turn into a money pit or would not have good resale value. For that reason we trusted his opinions and never felt like he was just there to collect a commission check.

He is extremely knowledgeable of the area and all things real estate. Any questions we had was answered confidently and without hesitation. Even though our price point was probably on the lower end, he never made us feel like we were less important than his million dollar clients. He also works hard to build excellent rapport with other brokers and home owners to ensure the deal goes as smooth as possible.

He almost always answers his phone or would get back to us ASAP. When we finally found the right home he walked us through every step of the escrow process. We hit a few unexpected bumps during escrow and we were so glad that he was there help us through it all. I cannot recommend him enough! When we are ready to sell he will be our first call and we will continue to tell all our friends and family about him.

5 marc828

Following up on the review that my wife Barbara wrote 2 years ago … we bought our house in Santa Rosa Valley with Richards help and expert advice and it was the best purchase we could have made. Richard never pushed us to purchase something. in fact he was usually the one advising us NOT to buy if he did not think that the property was up to his and our standards and requirements. Just wanted to say that now, two years later, we can still count on Richard to help us with our property. We needed some information about the purchase process the other day and he responded within the hour as if he had the information sitting on his desk waiting for us to ask for it !! Even two years after our transactions ended still awesome service Richard and Kirsten. Thanks!!! Barbara and Marc

5 barbara7509

5 stars for Rick Powell. 10 if possible. Buying now our 9th home over the last 10 years, I can say the caliber of service and knowledge does not get any higher. Really challenging buyers, we started to buy in 2011, and decided then not to move to California, only to come back a year later to the purchase discussion. It was easy for us to contact Richard again in 2012 bc the professionalism and ease of and with Richard in 2011 was top notch. Just to reiterate that we were difficult clients. Moving from Europe to US, we were not often available for him to show us homes, and any day and time we asked, even on a holiday, he would make himself available. Further, there is no pressure to choose a home. In fact, he willingly offered to show my husband and I homes, even though he knew we would not be buying seriously for another two months. This alone was impressive, as prior to this, I spoke with someone who said that he could show me homes ‘when i am ready to buy’. Of course, it’s understandable that an agent’s time is money, but Richard NEVER makes you feel this way. He will also always be on time, often leading to MY apologies for being late which he was NEVER agitated about! Rick will show you as many homes as you want to see. He is also the first to point out structural problems, road noise, etc to insure you do not fall in love with the wrong house, making only his job take more time. With that, Richard took his time & his experience to ensure that we bought the house we really wanted. He held our hand through the escrow process, worked with us as we sold a home in Europe and had currency exchange delays, which he is familiar with and insured we were safe as buyers for this (hugely important!)…. and really just went above and beyond his normal duties as our agent. I really appreciate Richard as a professional, an agent, and quite frankly, a really intelligent/ down-to-earth guy, that we would be happy to have over to a BBQ amongst friends… and recommend to our closest friends to use as a realtor, any day!

5 toddcalu

Richard and Kirsten Powell are top notch professionals who go out of their way to make sure their clients are taken care of. They represented us in the sale of our first house and the purchase of our second house. Not only did we accept an offer in the first week of our listing, but we put in an offer on our dream house just in time for both houses to close one day apart. They guided us thru every step of the way, listening to our needs, and offering excellent advice. And where needed, they used their professional influence to make sure all parties were doing their part. Powell Fine Homes are clearly at the top of their business.

5 mealter

Known them and worked with them on multiple transactions in the past 6 years from renting, to buying and selling. In 30 yrs of experience with Realtors all over the country, I have not had better ones! Trusting your agent is a must and that’s on the top of the list with them. Service and response time unsurpassed- and continues long after the deal is done. They don’t forget. Finally when it comes to financial results, that’s what it’s all about in the end. They protect and maximize your end regardless of situation. Before you go to anyone else talked to the Powells and then me if your still not convinced. Michael – Thousand Oaks

5 bwitcher3

To say that Richard exceeded our expectations as a Realtor for both home buying in 2012 and selling in 2014 (both due to relocation) would be an understatement. He was more than an agent. He genuinely acted like a partner in the process – someone who cared about the outcome – with me and my family. He took such an interest in getting to know our needs and preferences that he could (correctly) tell us before we even looked at a house why/or why not we would like a home. He was completely engaged in every step of the engagement. Even my kids, who always joined us on our outings to look at homes, would get genuinely excited when he was going to stop by. The most important thing Richard did was keep us from buying the wrong home, so that we could be in the right one. He was patient, insightful and knows more about the areas he services than most of the people I met who grew up there. If you’re going to buy or sell a house, I will tell you this: You will not get the best experience (and probably not the best home for you) if you don’t work with Richard Powell. Period.

5 Robertebelcher

Dear Richard and Kirsten, We want to personally thank both of you for your guidance and expertise in the purchase of my first Investment Property. Right from the start, you were there for us every step of the way. Buying investment properties right requires a lot of knowledge of the market as well as an intimate understanding of your clients wants and needs. You went over and above to ensure that all these wants and needs were met. We will go out of our way to refer you to any of our friends and business associates because we know that they will come back to us and thank us for introducing you and your services to them. We are very pleased with our new investment property and all the guidance provided. We look forward to doing more ventures with you now that we know what we are doing and how to do it. Sincerely, Bob and Debie Belcher, BBB Acquisitions, West Hills.

5 user3676216

We have purchased several homes in the past and this was by far the best experience ever. Richard & Kirsten are first class professionals and a joy to work with. They found the perfect home for us because of their knowledge, expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail based on our needs, desires and budget. – Highly recommend them.

5 grace8452

We Highly recommend Richard and Kirsten. They go out of their way to make sure their clients are taken care of. We have purchased several homes (CA, AZ & TX) in the past and this was the best experience. With their guidance, expertise and attention to detail the transaction was enjoyable, smooth and flawless. Thank you! Grace and Franklin Gonzalez

5 grace743

We Highly recommend Richard and Kirsten. They both are great to work with and they go out of their way to make sure their clients are taken care of. We have purchased several homes (CA, AZ & TX) in the past and this was the best experience we’ve had so far. With their guidance, expertise and attention to detail the transaction was quick, smooth and flawless. Thank you, Richard and Kirsten! Grace and Franklin Gonzalez

5 BigMac541

Richard and Kirsten not only helped us find our current home in Conejo Valley but were instrumental in getting our previous home rented quickly and efficiently. They both took the time to really get to know us – our likes and dislikes, our wants and our needs. Rick was always available and I could count on a return phone call within minutes. We decided to relocate from Woodland Hills to the Oak Park area due to our kids’ school location. Not knowing the area we turned to Rick and Kirsten because of their expertise with this type of relocation. They showed us at least a dozen properties in our price range and we’re always present and involved with our search. When we finally decided on our home we did so with the confidence of knowing that our Realtor had performed due diligence, making sure that we were receiving value for our money. In terms of our rental property, Rick, using state of the art technology and proven marketing techniques, presented our home in the way it deserved. We have always taken pride in our home and his work made it show. We had a suitable renter, at a price that was completely acceptable, within a week. We will certainly seek Rick and Kirsten’s services for our next real estate transaction.

5 sec34gtr

Let’s just start with the bottom line: If you are at all interested in purchasing a home, just go ahead and call Richard Powell right now. You won’t regret it and it is simply the best decision you can make as you begin the process of buying (or selling, I imagine!) a home. Following an incredibly long and less than satisfactory experience with another realtor, we were desperate to find new representation. Fortunately, we found Richard here on Yelp, read through all of his 5-star reviews, and gave him a call right away. We met with him for the first time a few days later and we knew instantly that we were in good hands. Richard’s goal is not simply to sell you a home but rather to build a long-term trust and friendship with you. He acts as your partner and will work tirelessly to find the home that is right for you no matter how long it takes. You will not hear typical real estate agent comments or questions like “So, can you see yourself living here?” or “So, did you want to make an offer?” from Richard. Instead, he will honestly evaluate each property with you as if he were the buyer, letting you know the pros and cons of each, and what the potential advantages or challenges would be when reselling down the line. The detailed observations Richard made each time we looked at a property amazed us and, to be honest, we probably would have ended up buying a less than ideal place if he had not been there alongside us. Richard made us feel like we were his only clients (although I know that was not the case; he was actually working on closing a much larger sale at the same time, but you’d never know it from the way he treated us and the time he made to take care of us). We spent many weekends over a few months out looking at various properties and there were several times when he picked me up at work during the week to show me some new places that had just come on the market. Richard was always willing to show us any place that we were interested in seeing, even if he knew that they wouldn’t be right for us (he was ALWAYS right about that too). He was always incredibly responsive and available, whether via text, email, or telephone call. As I mentioned, Richard is most interested in building a long-term relationship with you, one that extends beyond the sale. I remember him saying several times, “Just because I got a check doesn’t mean we’re done. If you need anything, just call me.” We kept this in mind and Richard was absolutely there to assist us with a few issues that came up as we were settling into our new home. He also referred us to a couple of contractors that he uses for his own properties as we prepared to move in (we chose to repaint and to redo the flooring and carpeting) and he made sure that we were well taken care of. He even connected us with his washer/dryer repair person and his plumber, both of whom came all the way out to our new place to help, even though it was far outside of their normal areas of operation. I should have written this review many months ago, as we actually closed on our home back in August 2014, but I am glad I waited as I was able to include these post-sale experiences with Richard, which, while they may not seem like much, were incredibly helpful to us. To close this review, I will leave you with this: When it is time for us to start looking for a new place, our first call will be to Richard Powell.

5 zuser20150430073701376

Richard Powell was referred to my wife and I by a friend that I really trusted. Richard truly gave us the attention that we deserved and would set aside full days for us even with his busy schedule. We always felt that we were his only clients and that is just one example of many of the true customer care he delivers. If you want a truly amazing experience during your home buying or selling, Richard and Kirsten Powell are second to none.

5 Beverlybbc

Both Kirsten and Richard are very organized, highly reliable, knowledgeable, and very dependable. We commissioned their help in finding us our first home and they knew exactly what we would like. They listened to what we were looking for and found us our new home! We highly recommend their services and for sure, you will be satisfied!

5 gwenlundmark

A top notch realtor We had heard good things about Richard Powell of Aviara Real Estate ( and he exceeded our expectations in assisting us with the purchase of a second home in Thousand Oaks. Richard is extremely professional, smart, knowledgeable, upright, serious in his work but fun in spirit. He truly listened to us and understood what we wanted (and knew what we wanted when WE weren’t sure what we wanted!). Taking care of details and being on top of each step is something he excels in; he is accurate and thorough. He has a good rapport with mortgage lenders, other realtors, escrow officers, etc. I appreciated how he made himself available for all aspects of the search and escrow process, taking my numerous calls, answering questions, giving wise advice, arranging his time around our limited time. This was especially helpful since we live in Northern California. Our purchase went smoothly and we are very satisfied. Work with this broker!


What a fantastic experience we had with Richard Powell and Powell fine homes! Richard helped us find our previous home as well so when we started thinking about buying a new place, there was no doubt on who to call. We wanted Richard to take us out and show us what was happening in the market with the plan that we would buy sometime in the next 6-12 months. We had absolutely no plans to fall in love with the 2nd place he showed us! We looked at probably a dozen others, but we kept coming back to the 2nd one. It had almost everything we had wanted, plus some bonuses (like an amazing tropical backyard!) Richard never pressured us in any way, but always was there for great advice and recommendations. Before we knew it, we had made an offer and it was accepted! Richard made the process so smooth and easy that it almost felt like something was wrong! He was there day and night for our many questions and even after we closed the deal and had the keys, he has still been here for us for advice and follow up. He will always be here for us and has been both a friend and the utmost professional in all aspects of this important life experience. We have now been in our house for 2 months and could not be happier. I would HIGHLY recommend Richard Powell and Powell Fine homes to anyone looking for a professional, experienced, honest and genuine realtor. Thanks Richard! Glenn Noyes and Toby Willis

5 cuadrado4

We have worked with Rick and Kirsten on two properties over the past 11 years, on both the buying and selling end, and they are, hands down, the best realtor team out there. They know the business inside and out, and are there every step of the way, from that first sit-down to handing over the keys. Communication is constant–always quick, efficient and informative. No detail is left uncovered, which is extremely reassuring when selling/buying a home. They don’t just go the extra mile–they run the whole marathon! I trust them implicitly, and would not put my real estate needs in any other hands. And to top it off, they are really cool people!

5 amy r feder

Richard and Kirsten are a phenomenal team who absolutely out their clients best interests first. They aren’t there to just sell you a home. They actually care. They were able to juggle both representing us as buyers and sellers at the same time during two complicated escrows. They found and secured our dream home – even when we were 1/8 offers and they sold our house at the price we needed going above and beyond with the buyers to make sure everything went through. We cannot recommend or thank them enough.

5 matt a weiner

Powell Fine Homes helped my family find our first home! Richard and Kirsten were so patient with us and helped us through the home buying process despite our endless questions. They treated us like family and made sure we were always taken care of, even if that meant telling us to pass on certain places. They are amazing at what they do and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a home!

5 hiryanlim

Richard has been my property manager for a few years, and I decided to sell my rental property he has been managing. Richard & Kirsten not only helped me sell the condo before the deadline I was up against, but also it was the easiest experience I’ve ever had with selling a property. Richard took care of most of repairs himself during the sale. He negotiated with the Escrow for a discounted Escrow fee for me, which I didn’t even ask for, and he resolved every concerns and issues in best way possible. He has orchestrated the transaction so well, I didn’t have to do much other than signing papers and wait. It was the easiest thing I could have done. He truly went above and beyond. As long as I work with Richard, I know I’m in good hand.

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