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From Preston H, March 2015:

Let’s just start with the bottom line: If you are at all interested in purchasing a home, just go ahead and call Richard Powell right now. You won’t regret it and it is simply the best decision you can make as you begin the process of buying (or selling, I imagine!) a home.

Following an incredibly long and less than satisfactory experience with another realtor, we were desperate to find new representation. Fortunately, we found Richard here on Yelp, read through all of his 5-star reviews, and gave him a call right away. We met with him for the first time a few days later and we knew instantly that we were in good hands.

Richard’s goal is not simply to sell you a home but rather to build a long-term trust and friendship with you. He acts as your partner and will work tirelessly to find the home that is right for you no matter how long it takes. You will not hear typical real estate agent comments or questions like “So, can you see yourself living here?” or “So, did you want to make an offer?” from Richard. Instead, he will honestly evaluate each property with you as if he were the buyer, letting you know the pros and cons of each, and what the potential advantages or challenges would be when reselling down the line. The detailed observations Richard made each time we looked at a property amazed us and, to be honest, we probably would have ended up buying a less than ideal place if he had not been there alongside us.

Richard made us feel like we were his only clients (although I know that was not the case; he was actually working on closing a much larger sale at the same time, but you’d never know it from the way he treated us and the time he made to take care of us). We spent many weekends over a few months out looking at various properties and there were several times when he picked me up at work during the week to show me some new places that had just come on the market. Richard was always willing to show us any place that we were interested in seeing, even if he knew that they wouldn’t be right for us (he was ALWAYS right about that too). He was always incredibly responsive and available, whether via text, email, or telephone call.

As I mentioned, Richard is most interested in building a long-term relationship with you, one that extends beyond the sale. I remember him saying several times, “Just because I got a check doesn’t mean we’re done. If you need anything, just call me.” We kept this in mind and Richard was absolutely there to assist us with a few issues that came up as we were settling into our new home. He also referred us to a couple of contractors that he uses for his own properties as we prepared to move in (we chose to repaint and to redo the flooring and carpeting) and he made sure that we were well taken care of. He even connected us with his washer/dryer repair person and his plumber, both of whom came all the way out to our new place to help, even though it was far outside of their normal areas of operation. I should have written this review many months ago, as we actually closed on our home back in August 2014, but I am glad I waited as I was able to include these post-sale experiences with Richard, which, while they may not seem like much, were incredibly helpful to us.

To close this review, I will leave you with this: When it is time for us to start looking for a new place, our first call will be to Richard Powell.

From Elaine and Bob P, Westlake Village:

We whole-heartedly recommend and endorse Richard Powell of Aviara-Real Estate/Powell fine Homes!  Due to a job change, we relocated to Southern California from Marin County.  Based on Yelp reviews, we contacted Richard back in September.  Richard invested time up-front to understand our needs and timeframe for a home, and then directed us to the areas where it made the most sense to look.  In addition, we had a list of wants that included few things that are difficult to find in suburban Southern California, but Richard was understanding and patient and confident that we would find a house we would be happy in.

We went out sometimes 3-4 days a week for many weeks looking at a variety of houses and neighborhoods before we narrowed it down a few neighborhoods where we really wanted to be; then we spent months looking and waiting for the right house.  Throughout this entire time, Richard always answered his phone promptly and responded to text messages within minutes.  At times, we wondered if we were his only clients.  As it turned out we weren’t – he’s just that attentive!  So is his partner, his wife, Kirsten.

Richard and Kirsten did something that really impressed us.  After losing out to another bidder on a house we really liked, they identified all the homes in that neighborhood with the floor plan we liked, then wrote and hand-delivered personal letters to the owners, asking them if they were interested in selling and letting them know there was a qualified buyer in the wings!

When we finally settled on a house, it definitely needed some work to bring it up to our standards.  Richard was able to negotiate a seller’s credit for the reasonable repairs and recommend a number of excellent tradespeople to perform the work.

Even though we closed on our home almost three months ago, Richard has continued to be a trusted advisor and advocate for us.  We now consider him and Kirsten friends.

From JP S in Studio City:

I would like to shout out a huge thank you to Richard Powell at “Powell Fine Homes” for doing a super professional job selling my house within three weeks of listing it. Rick made all of it beyond simple and stress free for me and I can’t recommend using him more. So, if you are looking for a honest hard working thorough real estate firm to get you the top market value on your property, then do yourself a solid, contact Rick and get the details. Great job and thanks again, Rick!

From Todd and Calu H from West Hills now Moorpark:

Richard and Kirsten Powell are top notch professionals who go out of their way to make sure their clients are taken care of. They represented us in the sale of our first house and the purchase of our second house. Not only did we accept an offer in the first week of our listing, but we put in an offer on our dream house just in time for both houses to close one day apart. They guided us thru every step of the way, listening to our needs, and offering excellent advice. And where needed, they used their professional influence to make sure all parties were doing their part.

Powell Fine Homes are clearly at the top of their business.

From Barbara R, Santa Rosa Valley

5 stars for Rick Powell. 10 if possible.
Buying now our 9th home over the last 10 years, I can say the caliber of service and knowledge does not get any higher. Really challenging buyers, we started to buy in 2011, and decided then not to move to California, only to come back a year later to the purchase discussion. It was easy for us to contact Richard again in 2012 bc the professionalism and ease of and with Richard in 2011 was top notch.

Just to reiterate that we were difficult clients. Moving from Europe to US, we were not often available for him to show us homes, and any day and time we asked, even on a holiday, he would make himself available. Further, there is no pressure to choose a home. In fact, he willingly offered to show my husband and I homes, even though he knew we would not be buying seriously for another two months. This alone was impressive, as prior to this, I spoke with someone who said that he could show me homes ‘when i am ready to buy’. Of course, it’s understandable that an agent’s time is money, but Richard NEVER makes you feel this way. He will also always be on time, often leading to MY apologies for being late which he was NEVER agitated about!

Rick will show you as many homes as you want to see. He is also the first to point out structural problems, road noise, etc to insure you do not fall in love with the wrong house, making only his job take more time.

With that,  Richard took his time & his experience to ensure that we bought the house we really wanted. He held our hand through the escrow process, worked with us as we sold a home in Europe and had currency exchange delays, which he is familiar with and insured we were safe as buyers for this (hugely important!)….  and really just went above and beyond his normal duties as our agent. I really appreciate Richard as a professional, an agent, and quite frankly, a really intelligent/ down-to-earth guy, that we would be happy to have over to a BBQ amongst friends… and recommend to our closest friends to use as a realtor, any day!

From Jeff and Nicole A, Northridge

Richard & Kirsten are true professionals and made our home buying process an incredible experience.  Even a month after closing escrow Rick takes the time to answer my questions about different items regarding our house.  He rarely misses a call, and if he does you will get a call or text back within 10 minutes!  I will recommend the Powell Team to all of my family and friends.

From Allison M, Simi Valley

Purchasing or selling a home can be a challenging experience.  The Powell’s did a fantastic job with walking us through the short sale of our home. We were so grateful for their incredible knowledge and patients.  They will be our realtors from this point forward with any further transactions in the property market!  You should take advantage in their experience and professionalism.

From Brad F, Reseda

Richard and Kirsten Powell are truly the most experienced and helpful agents you can find. They helped me during a rough time and helped me with an upside down mortgage. They also helped me find a house I am truly happy in. I still call Richard when I need advise with my new house and he is always available to help me out.

From Michael R, ResedaLet me summarize like this: You can not have a more pleasant home buying experience.I was a first time home buyer and I definitely had all the anxiety and ignorance associated with being a first time home buyer.  I had no idea what I really wanted, what was available, or what was involved.  I am so, so, so, glad that I met up with Rick Powell from Powell Fine Homes.  I could not have wished to find a nicer, more knowledgeable, more truthful, more helpful Realtor.  He guided me through every step of the home buying process from getting pre-approved, to looking at properties, to the escrow process.  Not once did he make me feel bad about asking too many questions or steer me wrong and try to persuade me one way or the other.  With Rick he is always there to help, not to influence.Rick took me to see as many properties as I wanted as frequently as I wanted.  Once he knew what I was looking for he actually pre-screened homes before he took my too them to make sure it was something that I actually wanted to see.  Every home he pre-screened for me was right in line with what I wanted.  I was amazed with how in tune he was to my wish list.  Rick was full service from beginning to end.  He was so amazing I even recommended him to a couple of my friends who having problems finding a home.  He was able to find them great homes of their own.Aside from being a fantastic Realtor, Rick is just an amazing person period.  You will not go wrong.  In an industry fraught with unscrupulous people Rick is definitely the ideal.  I can’t say enough about how nice, how knowledgeable, and how helpful he is.  You really can’t do better.P.S.  His service doesn’t even end when the sale is complete.  As a first time home buyer I had all sorts of questions about home and lawn maintenance.  He always responded to every inquiry with great advice and referrals.
 From Chong L, North Hollywood

I don’t know what I would’ve done without Rick Powell of Powell Fine Homes! Buying a house in California is no picnic. Without good guidance, you can end up with a money pit or a house you will regret.

Rick is amazing. We checked out lots of homes in our  months of search. Unlike many agents, he wants to find you the RIGHT home; and that’s what we found. He was extremely patient even when we were being unrealistic, and always prompt. He doesn’t pressure you at all and he’s extremely knowledgeable. The information he comes up with from looking at parts of homes is ridiculously detailed and he has an answer for everything – something a lot of agents lack. Heck, his whole family are experts!

Aside from being good at his job, the key is that you feel comfortable; the guy grows on you in a genuine manner unlike most Californians. He’s a cool guy who makes the best out of life. Even when I have questions about home improvements to talking about life, Rick is aces. I would recommend him to everyone buying a house.

From Gerard T., West Hills

I believe that Mr. Richard Powell is one of the best realtors out there.  I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Powell from March 2009 to July 2009, and have had the honor of his friendship to date.  When I was interested in buying a house, I spoke with my close friend Michael and he sang praises about his realtor.  Impressed with my friend’s recommendation, I called Rick.

The house buying experience was smooth as silk, thanks to Rick.  He would meet with me and my  fiancée (now wife) whenever we wanted.  He met with us as often as we wanted and as long as we wanted.  I was impressed that he was able to handle our tight schedules.  He gave us a binder with the MLS listings, a map of the houses were we going to see that meeting, and house pro and con list.  While looking at houses, he would inspect the house with us.  I knew that he was an honest man when he would point out his concerns with certain houses.  He was looking out for our benefit and not just trying to make a fast sell.   Rick would always welcome questions and would answer them to the best of his knowledge.

When my sister wanted to buy a house, I gave them Rick’s number with my full recommendation.  She was having a hard time working with her realtor, so I told her to give Rick a call.  After speaking with him, she decided against working with her former realtor, and decided to work with Rick.  My sister could not thank me enough for recommending Rick to her.

I would recommend Mr. Richard Powell to anyone with no hesitation.  I believe that you will be in good hands when you work with him.

From Bob and Debie Belcher:

Dear Richard and Kirsten,

We want to personally thank both of you for your guidance and expertise in the purchase of my first Investment Property. Right from the start, you were there for us every step of the way. Buying investment properties right requires a lot of knowledge of the market as well as an intimate understanding of your clients wants and needs. You went over and above to ensure that all these wants and needs were met. We will go out of our way to refer you to any of our friends and business associates because we know that they will come back to us and thank us for introducing you and your services to them. We are very please with our new investment property and all the guidance provided. We look forward to doing more ventures with you now that we know what we are doing and how to do it.


Bob and Debie Belcher, BBB Acquisitions, West Hills.

From Aakar and Sangita PatelRichard,Words can not express how thankful we are that you were the one to help sell our home in the toughest of markets. When look back at the process, it is amazing to see how you were able to be empathetic and yet always provide an unbiased opinion on what we needed to do. There were times when we lost sight of our end goals because of the frustrations but you were able to help provide the clarity we needed.The most wonderful thing is that when you said “Do not hesitate to call me if you need anything at all”, you truly meant it. You were there when we were at wits end just as you were there when we had questions even after escrow closed. You have a way of going beyond the call of duty and becoming someone that we can truly call a friend.Aakar and Sangita Patel, Thousand Oaks, CA
From Russ and Lonni Simonson, MichiganDear Richard and Kirsten,Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Words will never fully express our gratitude for your help and expertise in the sale of Mom’s house – the home of my childhood.Many memories were built around that home, yet Mom’s desire was that the house be sold when she died.  Not an easy task for us emotionally and in our case logistically, since we lived in Michigan and the house was located in California.In the Aviara “Seller’s” packet your cover letter read, “Welcome to Our Family”. We can honestly say that us how we felt as together we went through the sale process of our home.

Overwhelmed with all the details in preparing the house for sale in the limited time we had before returning to Michigan, your professional experience and personal attention helped make this transition easier for us. Your caring and compassionate spirit shined through.

It was a blessing to be able to return to Michigan and feel confident in the realtor we had chosen to oversee and take care of the sale of our home. No matter how many miles separated us during this time, we always felt very involved and informed through every aspect of the sale. The comminication was excellent and the ongoing updates via telephone and/or email were very much appreciated.

Considering the current market condition, the house sold quicker that we anticipated. We know this was largely due to the Powell’s smart marketing and hard work. I remember seeing the listing for the first time on and being taken aback by the thought and care that was put into representing our home. It was not just a house for sale, but a special home waiting for someone to enjoy.

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into selling our home. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others looking to purchase or sell a home; especially anyone having to go through the process long distance. We know they would be in great hands.


Russ and Lonni Simonson, Michigan

From The Vincents:Dear Richard and Kirsten,Overnight, our decision was made to sell our home and relocate to our desired city. Thanks to your tremendous hard work, patience, professionalism and dedication, we were able to accomplish that in a really short period of time. Thank you immensely for your incredible team work. Your knowledge of the business made it for an easy and smooth transaction.With much appreciation,Tim and Zenaida
From Susan and Luis CuadradoI must confess, before my husband and I met Rick Powell, I pretty much lumped realtors in the same category as car salesmen—pushy, intimidating, phony; in other words, not exactly someone I’d want to spend a Sunday afternoon with.That perception drastically changed the moment we met Rick at an open house we chanced upon the first day of our home search. We had seen several houses, taken cards from various realtors, but something about Rick set him apart from all the others. He was friendly, honest and extremely knowledgeable about the area—all the qualities you’d want from someone trying to find you a home.That evening, Rick e-mailed us a list of homes that met our price, location and size parameters (along with some much-appreciated insider info on local surf, hiking and dining) with a note to call him when we were ready to begin looking. We called the next day.Several weekends—and many houses—later, Rick found us the perfect home; a home we knew was ours from the moment we walked in. The amount of work and research Rick put into finding us a home was extraordinary. For every house-hunting trip, he provided a detailed and accurate portrait of each potential home—right down to the nearby parks and neighborhood schools, which was very important to us, having school-aged children. He met with us when it suited our schedules, often at the last minute and well into the evening. Never once did we feel rushed.

After the sale of our old home and throughout the purchase of our new home, Rick was our negotiator, at times our therapist, and always our friend. And his job didn’t end with the close of our house. He took care of after-the-fact details that other realtors would have overlooked or simply ignored once the check cleared. He truly went above and beyond what was expected, which to us, was testament to his character. Our relationship didn’t end either.

When I said he was a friend, I meant it. We could not have asked for a better partner in the whole hectic home buying process. In short, Rick turned a dreaded experience into a very positive one. And we made a friend in the process.

Susan & Luis Cuadrado, Thousand Oaks, CA


From former North Ranch homeowner“I have never written a letter of reference for someone who did not represent me in a transaction before but I felt my situation warranted it. When selling my home in North Ranch I interviewed four Realtors in addition to Mr. Powell. I chose another Realtor who had represented many homes in my area and also had multiple pages in Homes & Land magazine. I believed if he had that much success and that many homes listed he surely must be the best choice to represent me. He told me he could sell my home for $400,000 more than Mr. Powell said was possible; I believed him and signed a 6 month listing agreement. To make a long story short, my home sold just before the six months was up, exactly for the price Mr. Powell told me it would sell for. Had I listened I would have been able to move on with my life six months earlier. That Mr. Powell would not change his estimate, even when I told him it was a deciding factor for me, is testament to his honesty and integrity. The next time I sell a home Mr. Powell will be representing me.”Name withheld by request, North Ranch
From Tommy and Angela Samona:Dear Richard,We are writing this letter today to sincerely thank you and express our true appreciation for the all hard work you put into helping our family not only sell our home, but locate, research and purchase our new property.  The fact that our home sold in less than 45 days for top dollar is just the icing on the cake! Yourexceptional personal service, professional guidance and meticulous attention to detail made the entire process a lot easier than we ever imagined it would be. Your incredible professionalism and patience while we searched for a home that met the specific needs of our family went well beyond our expectations. You and your team were by our side every single step of the way. We are fairly certain we would not have received that kind of personal attention elsewhere.Richard, we  have and will continue to highly recommend you to friends, family, co-workers and potential clients.  Your service was as promised, exemplary.Sincerely,  Tommy & Angela Samona
From William Robinson, Thousand Oaks:I would like to extend my personal recommendation of Richard Powell, a true real estate professional, to anyone who is either selling or buying a home.  Richard helped my wife and me in the recent purchase of our home in Thousand Oaks. Moving to this higher priced area from the Inland Empire, where prices were substantially lower, Richard understood our dilemma and expertly helped us select the right property for our wants and needs while staying within our budget.Richard is extremely detail oriented, which is important for any home buyer. While this was not our first home, we are not involved in such transactions often enough to be aware of all the pitfalls associated with them. Richard walked us through everything as many times as necessary until we were comfortable with each situation. His follow up with the other agents in the transaction was quick and thorough.During closing there were errors in both escrow and bank documentation. Richard got everyone on the same page and took care of the problems to everyone’s satisfaction. This was something he should not have had to do, but he jumped in, without hesitation, to get the job done and done right. He basically saved the closing from falling apart. As a result, I would absolutely be pleased to work with Richard in our next real estate transaction.Sincerely,

William Robinson

From Barbara Rupcic, West Hills“After interviewing a number of Realtors, we decided to employ Richard in order to sell our home. During the interview process we were given price ranges for our home that varied between $1,400,000 and $900,000 and promises of everything but the moon and stars. Beginning with our initial interview we found Richard’s ‘no-nonsense’ approach very refreshing and more importantly, comforting in this declining market. His grasp of the market (both real estate and lending sides) helped us set a price on our home that caused it to sell within 45 days when similar homes to ours had been on the market 4 months and longer. We also sold it for more than most of the other Realtors believed possible; we attribute this to Richard’s marketing to his peers as well as the general public.In short, we could not have asked for a more professional Realtor to represent us.Barbara Rupcic
From Jill and Myles Frieze:Dear Kirsten and Rick,I don’t know how to begin to thank you for all you have done for Myles and I. You both are a blessing in our lives. Your service during the house buying process made it painless and very much pleasurable. It was amazing from start to finish.Again, I want you to know how much everything is appreciated. Your kindness will always be remembered.Sincerely,
Jill and Myles
From Mike and Leah Kort:Dear Rick,My wife and I would like to thank you for making our first time home buying experience so pleasurable. Your assistance, knowledge and especially your patience helped us in purchasing the home that met our current circumstance.Since our schedule revolved around my employment and our 15 month old son’s naps, your ability with time management was very accommodating.Being in sales, like yourself, I appreciated the “fact finding” meetings so we could provide you and discuss, in advance, the type of home that we were interested in obtaining.

The additional services and resources that you provided us: demographic breakdown, school information and daily email listings helped us decide on the location that we are very excited about.

If any of your new prospects would like additional information on your professionalism, please feel free to have them contact us.

Thank you again for all help and guidance as our realtor.


Michael G. Kort, Simi Valley, CA

From Mike and Sandra W:“What fantastic service! From the very start Richard prepared us for what to expect and kept us informed every step of the way. the staging and marketing helped us get full price for our home in less than two weeks.Thanks for everything!”- Mike and Sandra M., West Hills, CAFrom Bill and Kim B:“Not only did we wind up with a professional Realtor, we wound up with a friend after he sold our home!”

– Bill and Kim B., Thousand Oaks, CA

From Armando and Mary J:

“Richard changed the way we look at real estate agents. There really is a difference between agents …. Richard is our Realtor for life!”

– Armando and Mary J., Simi Valley, CA

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